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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Silence is golden

Well I checked 'Kittys' AFF emails.... no reply from J. So I checked J's AFF emails. My email hasn't been read. Surely that's a good thing right? Must mean he hasn't been on his account. Still doesn't give me any proof one way or the other though. I still can't believe that J would do something like that though. I've been cheated on before, and they always seem to act differently - distant and jumpy. J isn't like that at all. I know I could just be being naive, but I just can't believe he'd do that.

I did find something in his emails though which pissed me off. A few weeks ago me and J placed an Ann Summers order *ahem*. It was done through a lady at work, but all done very discretely and no-one but us knew about it. Well I'm the kinda person who doesn't want other people knowing what I get up to n my private life like that. Anyway. J had sent an email with our shopping list of items on it to his brother!! He'd even included a small description from the website of what the items were!! I'm so embarrassed!!

Anyways. Will keep on checking AFF for possible evidence... Never thought I'd have to do this with J...


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