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Saturday, February 07, 2009


Unfortunately it's Saturday, and I'm at work. What's even more unfortunate is that when I went out to my car this morning, I've found some little twat has decided to key the bodywork... not just a small scratch down the side though - every panel excluding the roof has squiggly graffiti-like marks running all around it. I stood there horrified, looking at by beautiful car, scarred so badly. Scraping the ice off the windscreen, I looked up at my neighbours house, and the bloke was there looking down at me. I knew then it was them that had done this. Since they moved in we've had nothing but aggro from them. Arguments, shouting, making noise until the early hours. On the few occasions we've knocked on the wall and politely asked them to keep the noise down, they've shouted abuse back at us. Once we even heard the woman tell the bloke "The next time they fucking knock on the wall I'll go round a fucking twat 'em"...... nice.
I can't see it being kids. Not with the extend of damage. None of the other cars on the road had been touched. Wonderful. So now I have the pain of driving round in a ruined car, calling round body-shops for quotes on repairs, speaking to the police (who won't be able to do anything as there'll be no witnesses and no proof), and speaking to my insurance company. There goes my no claims bonus already, and I've only had the damn policy since Xmas, plus the expense of having it repaired in the first place. God I could really do without this.

I called my mum and told her, after sympathy as much as anything I think, like you do, and she basically told me it's my own fault for having a nice car and living in a rough area. Oh thanks for that. It's not a rough area though - I've lived there for 2yrs and there's never been any problems on the road at all. Not since these neighbours moved in a few months ago anyway. So that made me feel even worse - I can't even get sympathy off my own mother.

The only thing that's made me feel a little better is a guy at work has offered for him/some mates to go round to the neighbours house for *ahem* a chat. I know revenge isn't the best way to go about things, and I can't be 100% sure it was even them, but I couldn't help telling him that he was free to go round if he wanted. It'd teach them a lesson for keeping us awake all those times anyway. J kept saying he'd speak to someone about going round there, but it never happened, and now my car has been vandalised. Maybe if he'd have 'sorted' things like he said he would, my car would still be undamaged. Maybe, maybe not. He's said again now this has happened he'll speak to someone, but it won't fix the damage will it? It won't pay for the repairs. Even If I get the car repaired, there's no guarantee they won't do it again straight after.

Even more I look forwards to moving into the new house with it's secure garage. I desperately want to move in as soon as possible, but it's going to be at least another month before it's livable. (Did I ever post about the new house? Don't think I did - basically it's my grans house, but she's been moved into a home, so my mum his paying for the house to be stripped and re-furbished. Currently it's still full of my grans furniture. The bathroom has been ripped out awaiting the new one fitted, and the kitchen is still to be done. Needless to say there's a lot still needs doing).

So, a pants weekend cos I'm working, has turned into a nightmare weekend that won't end until all this is sorted out. I really fucking hate my life sometimes...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

~*~ 24 ~*~

Yay for getting older...