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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Evil tasty food

So the 'diet' of the Adios tablets and trying to stay off the take-aways isn't going too well. I think the tablets are mainly keeping my weight stable-ish, rather than helping me lose it. I don't want to stop eating things I like though, cos that just makes me miserable. If I want a Pizza Hut delivery on a Friday evening then I'm going to damn well have one and not feel guilty about it. See this wouldn't be a problem if I was exercising more, or using the video, or something... But I'm not. I just can't be fucking arsed. Meh I give up.

Aside from my see-saw weight issues, something that has smoothed out is me and J. Since our conversation and him giving up the ganja, we've no fallen out once. In fact, things have been better than ever. He's even mentioned that one day he'd love me to be *gasp* his wife...!! Now in past relationships, if that'd been mentioned to me, I'dve run a mile... but this time, it doesn't scare me at all. The 'one-day' bit certainly helps though. Well, watch this space with that :)

Still not heard anything about the job I applied for though... another 'watch this space' moment... grrr...


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