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Monday, October 08, 2012

Dara and more see-saw

So I had a pretty awesome weekend. Me and Mr Maybe-Perfect went down to Sheffield to see Dara O'Briain. I've never been to any kind of live gig before ever, and Dara is totally my all-time favourite comedian, so Mr M-P bought us tickets a few weeks back. It was fab. I love Dara more now than I did before (no, not in some weird stalker-type way). Definately want to see him again. And Mr M-P? Yeah, I still definately want to keep seeing him too. He's lovely. How could I not want to keep on seeing him? Sure I have niggles. But that's all they are, little niggles. I'm sure he has little niggles too. As long as the little niggles don't turn into great big lumbering problems, it's all good.
So we went out for lunch on Sunday with his mate Dave (everyone really does have a 'Dave' in their life don't they?!), just to a local pub, but it was great. He paid, again, which, again, made me feel slightly uneasy because I like to pay my way and not ever seem like I'm taking advantage, but at the same time, really happy that he's such a gent. I know they're rare to come by. Another reason why I don't want to give him up just yet. Plus, it's only been a month. Surely I need to give this more time to see where it can go before making a rash decision. I will not let my fear of getting hurt again decide my furture. If I do, I'm letting that lying scottish wanker win, again. Fuck that. 

So no other plans for this week, other than a drive up into the Dales on Sunday. Yes it's the Korean GP on Sunday, but it's on from 6am til 9:45, so I'm hoping I can get that in before even leaving the house. Be nice to just drive out somewhere nice for the hell of it. There's about 10 of us going (Mr M-P included), so it should be fun. Just hope the weather isn't its usual self and decides to piss down all day. That won't make it much fun. Especially as I badly need new front tyres, and won't be getting them replaced for another week or so. I know to be careful though. And if it rains that badly, I'll be a typical girl and not go cos I don't like getting wet... If it's nice though, I'll make sure to get some pics. Apparently there's some awesome views round there. Don't worry, I'll share.


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