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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Emotional see-saw

So things with me and Mr Maybe-Perfect are going ok still. Found a few niggles, though nothing serious. Like, he comes round to mine on an evening or at the weekend, and he'll just make himself a coffee without asking. Sure he'll ask if I want anything too, but that's not the point. I find it kinda rude that there's no 'do you mind if I...'. And I never stated he could help himself, he just, did it... And the other night he was round, and the doorbell went. He just went and answered it... Didn't ask if I wanted him to... I don't know whether I'm being really pedantic over this, but I do find it really rude... I'd certainly never do that in someone elses house. Plus, I'll make dinner, and he'll have a gigantic plateful that's more than double what I have... I don't know where he puts it. That annoys me too.

So yeah... I'm not sure whether 'this' is going to be going anywhere or not... the height issue still niggles at me too. Maybe I'm just not ready to be in a relationship at all. I still don't feel like I can truly open up and allow myself to have those kinda feelings. Plus, I found out the other day that Fraz was having a house party last night for his birthday on Monday. Kinda upset/annoyed me, cos I'd spent the whole of yesterday sat at home on my own, bored out my head. Even if I wanted to have a party, who the fuck would I invite?! Pisses me off that he wouldn't have any friends down here to invite if it wasn't for me. And why the fuck should his life be working out just fine, and mine still sucks.
Yeah, I have a lot of anger issues towards him still.


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