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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A tall order

Well haven't things changed in the space of just a few weeks... Let me fill you in.

I had a date the Sunday after my last head-fuck post - just a coffee in town. Was really nice. In fact, it was so nice, that a quick coffee turned into a long coffee, which turned into going bowling for a couple of hours. He even asked if I fancied going for some food too (I declined that offer, as tempting as it was). It was fab. He is an absolute gentleman, and we have absolutely everything in common. There's only one small problem... he's about half an inch shorter than me, and I'm just under 5'5 (so not quite the 5'7 he had on his profile - the next Mr Man looks to be a Mr Small, although that maybe implies other shortcomings... Maybe this is my Mr Perfect after all....). Ok, so maybe the height difference is axagerated by the fact that Mr Tall was just that - really tall, but still... can I get over this? I've never dated a guy thats shorter than me. They've all been taller - even if it's been half an inch, it's been half an inch in the right direction.
Anyways, I told myself he was far too good to simply ditch him over a little height issue, so we arranged to go out to dinner the following weekend (this last Sat gone). Again, it was a fab evening. We went to a lovely Chinese place in Liversidge, the food was amazing, and there was no awkward silences at all. Afterwards we went to a pub for a drink (original intention was some games of pool, but that soon came to an end when the white ball got lost in the table).
That led to arranging to meet up on Sunday to watch the F1. That led to him staying over at mine Sunday night... Which last night, ended up in us becoming an official 'couple'. Yep, it's happened.
He seems totally smitten with me (fuck knows how), and says all the right things - that he misses me/that he can't wait to see me/that he thinks I'm beautiful/etc. I want to be smitten, but I can't help being terribly aware of this wall I still have up. I'm hoping it'll just take some time to get rid of it and stop feeling like I'm holding back all the time. Just have to see I guess.

My weight plateau seems to be shifting again too, not by much, but finally it's dropping again. My goal is to lose another stone by May. Then I can go out to see my mum and be happy to go down to the beach in a bikini. That'd make me happier than ever. I'm still chuffed I've lost a stone already. It's only taken me 8yrs to finally start sorting my weight out, but thank fuck I have.


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