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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lesson Learnt

I am officially never going on a blind date ever again. Fact.

Ok, it sounds like today was a huge disaster - that's exaggerating maybe just a little. It was, well, ok. He definately wasn't what I expected. Described as 5'7, stocky ex-rugby player build, good looking - What I got was a 40(ish)yr old bloke, with a huge snozzle, who had seen more beer than rugby in the last 10yrs, and an endless stream of ramble coming out his mouth. Now, I know it could be a nervous thing. It could be - but there's no way it was. He simply talks too much. I did well to get in a 'yeah', 'ah right' etc in before he was off again. ]
My choice of going for just a coffee was a fab idea though - quick coffee, then escape to the excuses of needing to go shopping before places shut at 4pm (which is very true I did need to, and it's Sunday so they do shut at 4). He's asked if I fancy going out (like, night out) next weekend. Thankfully I've already booked my mate in for a coffee catch-up next weekend. Sure, it won't take up all weekend, but still.

Mr Enthusiastic is still at it too - endless texts asking when I'm going to come round etc etc. I feel I need to be a bit forceful telling him in a very unsubtle way to back off, but I'm too nice to do that in a forceful way. So I just keep making excuses why I can't go round. Meh.

Also I think it's safe to say I despise the ex. I feel I've completely wasted the last two years of my life with him, and all I've got out of it is heartache and headfuck. All that I have left for him is hatred and anger. So much so I've deleted him from FB, FF, my emails, phone, and anywhere else. All photo's of him/us/places we went together have also gone. I feel cleansed. I have one last carrier bag of stuff that he's picking up on Wednesday, along with some soft toys that he bought for me. After that, I can pretend he never existed.

On a side note - I've finally got round to downloading Ed Sheeran's album. It's fab. Some of the songs on there are simply beautiful - 'Wake Me Up' being one of them.

And on another side note (some many minutes later) - I seemed to have fixed that godawful comment box thing below. I used to use Haloscan for the nice comment box you could customise to match your blog. Then some eejit thought it would be a good idea to turn it into Echo, and have a huge blank space in place of the subtle linky thing. Well fuck you echo - who's laughing now huh? So sorry if you've commented before, and now it's disappeared, like, forever, but, like, tough... Kay?


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