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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So, the Drs now seem to think that my body is producing too much of a certain hormone, so I have too much phosphorus in my blood (well, duh, I'm female - I could have told you my hormones are always going crazy...). So I may have Hyperparathyroidism. I can't even remember it half the time, let alone spell or pronounce it (google ftw!). But, they need to do a more specific blood test to confirm this, so, yep - yet more blood sucked out of me. I'm starting to feel like a pin-cushion. Not going to find out the results until the 18th though, so unless the pain comes back any worse than before, there's nothing I can do but wait, and keep my fingers crossed that if it is this hyper-para-whatsit, that it's not uber-bad, and it's super-easy to treat/get rid of.

In happier news, Zumba was fab tonight. Actually felt less knackard than I did at last Thursdays class, and I know I was working just as hard. Hoping the benifits are finally shining through - just hope I can recover enough to tackle this Thurs as well... is 2 classes a week pushing it a bit this early? We'll soon see...

I'd say yay for tomorrow, but honestly, just thinking about it depresses me. So I won't bother.


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