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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

All good things...

And even those things that arn't that good, but are good enough to go along with anyway.

Well, long story short, me and the OH are no longer me and the OH... So much so that he moved out today. I am officially single. After a 48hr session of crying, screaming, hurting, etc - today I'm actually ok. More saddened by things not working out, and not having one last chance to make things work, but I'm ok with it. I know deep down it's the right decision. I think.

My main problem now is figuring out how to afford everything. As I'm still on probationary pay, there is no way it'll stretch far enough to cover all the bills, and I coudldn't stand having to sell my car just to save on repayments and everything that goes with it. I guess I could get a house mate... Really don't want one, but it could be a last resort... Meh. There's a lot of shit I need to work out.

In some warped way, I'm actually really glad to be single again. Be good to get my independance back and learn how to look after myself again! I've had break ups before and got over them, and I'm not the kind of girl who needs a guy in her life to function properly (me, not the guy, although a properly functioning guy would be preferable).

Someday, somehow, I'll find someone to sweep me off my feet. Guess I'll just keep on looking until I find them...


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