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Monday, January 30, 2012

Judgement Day

Hopefully by 9.30 tomorrow morning I'll have finally found out what's wrong with me. I get my blood test results first thing. Can't say I'm worried at all - haven't really thought about it actually. Knowing my luck they still won't have a clue what's wrong. Least whatever meds they prescribed last time seemed to have cleared up the pain a bit quicker than normal. Think I might keep some of them spare for any next time occurences...

Had yet more disappointment with the OH again tonight. He's supposed to have been looking up counsellors and sorting out appointments etc. It's been over a week. He's look at one, only cos she's in the close area. Not rung or emailed to discuss, nothing. Apparently was waiting til he got paid tomorrow. Well, great, but what if she's booked up now until summer? Oh, no he didn't think of that... Also didn't think to speak to her to see if she can even help with his lying problem. Or make an apointment. Or look at other options in case she isn't available....

And it's my birthday in a couple of days. Can't say I'm thrilled about that either. Another year older, another year of accomplishing nothing. Well, this year I plan to change that. I don't plan on winning a nobel prize, or going to the moon, but still. Even a small something will be bigger than previous years nothing. First plan is to get rid of the bozo treating me like shit. Either by hopefully changing him into a non-bozo, or getting rid completely (not what I want, but then when do I ever get that..). Second plan, is to get back in shape, and celebrate that with an autumn holiday out to see my mum. Maybe go out for Xmas. Kos has some epic nightlife, so be fab to go as a newly single, finally fit hunny. Liking this plan already..!

In the meantime - Zumba tomorrow. Least I'm looking forwards to that!


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