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Saturday, March 03, 2012

2nd Date Lucky?

So I met up with Mr Enthusiastic again last night. To be fair, we've been chatting all week, and he's alright for a bit of banter. I just don't fancy him in the slightest though. Seems to have helped me get over the ex though, so that's a bonus.

Speaking of the ex, I tried calling him the other night. Was trying to unplug the sky box and connect a dvd player, and needed some help on what wires were supposed to go where. Anyways - he never answered. Strange for him, as he always answered his phone. Suddenly he's stopped. Ok, well must be busy. But he's never called back, or text wondering what I was after. He's the one who has wanted to stay friends, yet now he's blanking me! That's fine with me - makes things easier really. So, I've cleared him off every friends list I have, deleted any photo on FB of him, and untagged me in any of his. According to my online profile, we have never met nor existed.
And I feel good about it. Plus I've managed a full week without falling apart over him. I may not be completely back to my old self, but I'm damn close.

In another attempt to reclaim my old self, tomorrow I'm off to Bradford for a sort-of blind date... Weird story actually (and may take some explaining...) So - at work, one of my responsibilities is ordering in stationary and printer cartridges/toners etc. Therefore I get quite a few calls from suppliers offering me their best prices in a pathetic attempt to win the companies business.
A couple of weeks ago I get another one of these infuriating calls - I fob them off the same way I always do, that I'm happy with our current suppliers, but email me your price list and I'll have a look at it. Well, the guy who I spoke to and emailed me said price list hasn't been fobbed off too well. But instead of talking about toners, we ended up email flirting instead... So, tomorrow we've arranged to meet up for a coffee (yes - public place in daytime, I'm not completely derranged). He sounds like a really nice guy, so I have high hopes for this one.
Guess we'll see what happens tomorrow...


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