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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ups and Downs

You'll be glad to hear I'm a bit happier than I was the other day. Just one of those 'I hate the wolrd' days I think. Doesn't help I've been suffering with this, well, I have no idea what to call it... this 'thing' for the past few months that is determined to take over my life and make me as miserable as ever. So it's a medical 'thing', only I can't call it by it's medical name, because despite six trips to the doctors, and six lots of medication (at £7.40 each.. you do the math), still no-one knows what it is. It's now threatening mmy job, which is worrying. I've been there just under 3 months, and I've already been off on 3 seperate occasions totalling 5 days. I don't need to be told it doesn't look good. Even more worryingly, the Drs have stopped mentioning 'infections and inflamations, and are now bringing up apendicitus and that dreaded 'C' word. Gee, thanks for that - care to find out exactly what this is whilst I'm still alive..?!
Anyways - I'm back for yet another apointment next week for my blood results. Joy.

In happier news, I think I've found a dress, well, actually 3 dresses that could well do for our works dinner in Feb. One of our MD's is retiring (thank god - he's useless, and doesn't own a computer...), so we've got a dress-up dinner on a Friday night. I've only just got over our Xmas night out (also on a Friday - what a pain!) and had to do the dreaded dress-hunt, now this. Thankfully though I have a few options this time. Fingers crossed.

And lastly, me and the OH are officially at breaking point. It's that bad that he's now looking into seeing a councellor for his lying. Apparently he doesn't even know he does it until someone pulls him up on it. I'm now having to question even the seemingly innocent stuff.
I've always thought we could work through it. Now I'm thinking it's just too late. We'll see how the councelling goes, and see if things change. I'm hoping we can still save 'us', but I'm not holding my breath anymore.


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