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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's been a while

Well, yes it seems to have been quite some time since I dropped in here. Sorry about that.

So what's been going on? Well, quite a bit, and not a lot at the same time. I lost my job (made redundant, not fired), got another one out in Bradford (worst decision ever taking that up), and quit after 2 weeks to go somewhere else. I'd go into more details, but it's really not that interesting, so I won't bother.
The new job is under a mile from my house - winner! The pay isn't that good for now, but £40 of petrol is lasting me almost 2 months. Can't complain at that. The job isn't even all that interesting, but the 2 girls in my office I get on with really well, and everyone else is nice too. It's nice to not get stressed with work, and be home in literally 2 minutes. I guess I'll be staying here a while.

Have things with the OH worked out? There's still a question mark over that. I've found things a couple more times, we've argued a few more times, and he's made a couple more promises to be more honest/open/truthful yada yada... I am finding less stuff though, but then that could just be that he's hiding stuff better. I dunno. Beginning to think I'm just being naive and believing what I want to believe. Though it doesn't help when I catch him out lying to me over something so irrelevant and stupid. Apparently me taking a hammer to his new HTC phone didn't teach him anything...
I'm honestly feeling like we're nearing the end of this relationship. It's been patched over and mended so many times there's simply nothing solid left anymore. Until I lose that last glimmer of hope that we actually can mend this, I'll stick with it. What have I actually got to lose? A few months? Maybe a year? That's ok, I'm not staring middle-age in the face just yet. Just have to be patient. And hope. And try not to kill him next time...

Other than that, not much going on. Oh other than the bedroom wall leaks when it rains too hard, but that's only going to cost about £1500 to fix... Oh happy days.


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