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Monday, September 20, 2010

Light and dark

Well... I asked him about his ex. I did the totally courageous thing of asking via email while he was at work (we always have email chats anyways). I always find these things better written out - you can re-think and re-word stuff before actually sending it, then at least there's a chance you stop yourself saying something you'll regret, or re-phrase stuff to stop yourself sounding like a complete arse. Well that's my opinion anyway. Seemed to work out ok though. I found out it was 3+ years since him and 'her' broke up. It was an amicable break-up (didn't mention what it was over - I thought asking would be going too far) and other than an ex-gf, 'all she is to me now is an ex-work colleague'. Well, that puts my mind at rest as far as the whole staying-friends-with-an-ex thing goes. And the VCH? He can't remember. Hmm. Not sure if I completely buy that. I mean, it's not like asking how many ear-piercings she has, or how many tattoos or something. Go three years and yeah, that would be easy to forget. But having 'that' pierced?! Seriously, how can you not remember it...?! Either that, or if she did, and he really has forgotton, then it can't have been that good... lol
So, I'm thinking maybe she did have it done, and he just doesn't want to admit it so to save my feelings, but at the same time, not denying it so he's not lying to me. As sweet as that may be, I'd rather just know the truth. But, only if it's a definate no... I guess I could have been told yes she did, and that would completely stop the idea of me having it done. But I still don't know, and other than asking her direct, I don't think I ever will know. So, I'm getting it done this weekemd... I told him I'd do it as a kind of birthday present for him, seeing as he likes them so much. I've thought about having it done before, but never had the balls to go through with it, so had just disregarded it up to now. Now it's been decided that I am actually doing it, I dunno... I do still kinda want it (for obvious pleasurable reasons), but it's the thought of having to flash my bits at some random person. I get embarrassed sometimes at flashing my bits at my own bf, so this is not going to be easy for me. Ah well. You only live once I guess. I'll report next week how it went... >_<

Other than that, me and him are getting on great again. Just passed the 10 month mark. It's weird really - it's like we've been together forever, but yet it's gone so quickly. I'm just happy we get on so well. Our new neighbours next door that moved in a few months ago seem to always argue. Usually her always shouting at him. We think we've guessed that he's an alcoholic, and she has an ex that keeps turning up making trouble. It's hard to hear through the wall sometimes. Thank god we're not at all like that. Maybe it's some kind of weird couple-karma. I don't care. it's awesome.


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