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Monday, August 02, 2010

Long time gone... Part I

Yet again I've left it months since posting. Well, a lot has happened, and I'm feeling the need to vent again, so please try to keep up - this may be a long one...

Well the whole web-dating game didn't go too well - too many liers, stuck-up twats and simple mentalists (wait, is that even possible?). But don't think that I'm still sad and single, oh no. When J and me went to the car show at Stanford hall back in June '09, there was a guy there from the car forum I'm on. We'd chatted on the forum before, and got on really well.
Anyways, after me and J broke up, we talked a lot more, online, texting, and some very long late-night phone calls. He was unemployed at the time, so when I had a week off work, he came down to visit. It was a bit odd at first, as it was only really the 2nd time we'd seen each other in person since 'meeting' on the forum a couple of years back (well his hometown of Elgin out in the far north of Scotland wasn't exactly travelling distance for a night at the cinema). By the time the week was up, we'd kind of decided that he was going to move in... What could we lose by it? He was struggling to find work being in such a remote location, and we loved the week spent together. It was like we'd been best friends for years - thinking the same as the other, finishing sentances etc...
That was back in November. It's now August, and things are still going well. No, more than well. They're awesome. He is like a best friend, with all the fantastic benefits of a partner. Add to that he doesn't get wound up, moody or angry, so that when I get stressed out, he calms me down. Not something I've found anyone else can do.

Things haven't exactly been smooth though. I lost my job in January (ok, not lost, more 'let go'...). So up until about a month ago we've been on benefits, and struggling to pay bills and buy food. It's really been hell on earth. But he's now working at a broadcasting company, and I'm doing an admin job for an IT type place. This will actually be the first month we're in the green with money. It's fantastic not to have the threat of unpaid bills anymore. Lets just hope we never go back there. I couldn't handle it...

So I have another new job (I go through them like socks I know). This one is an admin position - no customer service thank god. I compile reports, book engineers holiday, sort out overtime payments etc. It's fab not talking to customers at all, but I'm bored stupid. When I have stuff to do, it keeps me busy and I've got to stay on top of things to not make mistakes, but if no=one emails me with tasks, I have no work, so I sit bored - clearing out my emails or re-arranging my desktop has slowly become a daily occurance. I do have a company laptop, so I can work from home if needed. I'm the only one in the company who does my job, so if I'm sick, or need to go to an apointment, there's no-one to cover. Plus, as the job is through the on-site recruitment agency, it's on a temperary contract. This doesn't have things like healthcare or a pension. Nor does it have the security of a permanent job. So already I'm looking for a new job. Fingers crossed I get one before I start going crazy.

Well, as Boi works the occasional night shift pattern, I may come back again this week. Writing always seems to help somehow. And there's still so much I need to get out. Not tonight though. It's late, and I need to work tomorrow.


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