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Friday, September 18, 2009

It's been a wee while......

Seven months to be exact. Why the long pause? Mainly because I've not had the time, or the alone space to log on and open up. Especially as J had found my blog previously.

So why now, you may ask.... well, me and J have finally parted ways. It's been brewing for a few months if I'm honest, so it's actually quite a relief that it's over. It's also quite nice that for once I was involved in a break up with no drama, no shouting, no abuse, and no plottings of revenge afterwards.
Anyways, enough about that. I'm single, and out on a man-hunt yet again.

The driving is going well too by the way, thanks for asking. Despite a minor incident (ok, quite a major incident) involving my punto and a peugeot trying to hump each other (hence the pics), the car is still in one piece, and no-one would ever guess it's been grafitti'd, smashed up, and scraped (a small incident this time, involving me scraping a neighbours car...).

I've also got a new job. Been there about 4 months now. So much better than the old shitty call-centre full of social rejects and mental retards, speaking to stuck up, ignorant drivers.
Yes, I've moved up in the world (well, slightly anyways). I now work as an area manager! Yes, posh I know. Basically it's for a commercial laundry company, and I get to look after about 20 engineers, routing them throughout the east side of the country, sending them to breakdowns. Sounds a bit pants, but it's a lot of responsibility, hard work, and keeping you on your toes. Plus there's some call answering to customers with machine breakdowns. The money is pretty good too, though I'm still going to have to wait a while before I can afford the R8....

So, that's the boyfriend, car and job covered.... what else? Oh yeah - I moved house too. Am now living in what used to be my Grans house. Sadly she's been moved into a proper care home, and seeing as the house is actually owned by my mum, I got first dibs on wanting to live here. It's had to be completely re-decorated inside (which is a work in progress still), but it's my home - not some poxy rented place which never feels cozy. Just got to find the right kinda bloke to share it all with now.

Well, thats 7 months summed up in about 4 paragraphs... And there was me thinking this was going to take a long time!

Oh, as a final note, meet my little Russian friend - this is Nikolai :)


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