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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Car for Crimbo?

So, the driving lessons are going better than ever. I've had about 9 lessons so far - including doing 3-point turns, parallel parking, and revearsing round a corner. Add to that all the bits about clutch control, gear changing, braking etc etc, and in 9 lessons I'd say I was doing pretty well!! Actually - even my instructor says I'm doing better than average. He says I'm driving like someone who's had 15-20 lessons!! Well, there's praise for ya!! Hopefully at this rate I'll have passed my test and got a car by December. Well, I have my fingers crossed for that anyways. To be honest, I've already seen the car I want. A silver VW Polo (1.0l - cheap insurance, cheap tax) - it's only £2800. I love it though. It's got custom cream-leather seats with black trim, and black tinted rear windows/windscreen. I know what you're thinking - boy racer car. Yeah, I guess you're right. But it's soooo nice. I just really hope it's still there when I pass my test. Fingers crosed then yeah!!


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