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Thursday, March 29, 2012


So after a 2nd night this week of sobbing uncontrollably into my pillow, because life simply isn't worth living without Fraz... I decided today that this has to stop. It's been almost two months. That's far more than he's worth. Yes, we do get on great still (Sunday was spent ripping out my dash, watching the F1, having dinner together. All very civilised, and pretty much as though nothing had happened), but he lies. This is not the type of person I need, or want in my life. Especially not as a partner.

Anyway, onto my 'Realisations'... Yes, I realise I sound a little like a self-help book, but I've realised I need some kind of encouragement to get out of the head-fuck I'm in. Unfortunately, no-one is going to give me that other than me.

  • You cannot change what has happened, how it happened, or why it happened. Stop bloody trying! It will get you nothing but stress and frustration.

  • The constant lies were a big problem. No amount of trying would have made it easy to live with or forget about. It's a deal-breaker. You deserve better!

  • You do not need someone like this in your life. You have managed perfectly well before being on your own. What has changed? Nothing!

  • Maybe he's simply 'not that into you'. So find someone who is! He doesn't deserve you pining after him. He certainly doesn't deserve your tears!

  • There are so many blokes out there. Some worse, some a lot better. Why simply 'settle' for one who lies and can't think for himself? You're a good, honest, person. You deserve someone who can give you the same in return.


Anonymous Halo said...

Yes, listen to these words you are saying PB, move on! :) Sending you many happy hugs in an attempt to cheer you up!! *huuuuuuuuuuuuuugsssssssss*

Hope the ink cartridge fiasco is all sorted?

Blogger Dancing Shadow said...

Thanks Halo - one can never have too many hugs :)

The cartridge fiasco is still in progress unfortunately. They were returned last Friday, but Play ask for 5 days to receive and process the return, and despatch a replacement. Add in East bank hol to that, and I may have to give them til next Friday before I start chasing it. Fingers crossed it get sorted soon anyways...



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