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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The end is nigh...

There's no going back now. I got my contract through for my new job today. After a bit of discussion, it was signed and sent back. So this afternoon I handed my notice in. Three weeks on Friday I'll be leaving. Already people have said congratulations, but they're really going to miss me. That's really nice to hear. I'll miss some of them too. The atmosphere has been fab in our office, and I've never found that anywhere else. I hope we can keep in touch.
First I have two weeks of holiday to look forwards to - then only a week left of work! I'm so excited, but really crapping it too... I'm going into a team leader job. I have naff all leadership/managerial experience. All I have to go on is my new/old managers faith that he knows I'll be good at it. Hope I prove him right - I'd hate to be a disappointment.

In the meantime, my post wouldn't be complete without some mention of the opposite sex. Well this is no different. Yesterday I was up in the production warehouse making calculators. S came in, telling me that one of the lads from the factory downstairs had been asking about me! He liked what he saw and wanted to know my name/if I was single etc etc - so she'd come up to see if I wanted his nunber! A few playground tactics later, and we'd swapped numbers and spent the evening texting! He's actually really nice - and I'd seen him before and liked what I'd seen... We're meeting up on Friday for a drink and just have a chat! This never happens to me - I never get someone just coming up and asking me out. It's awesome! I'm completely putting it down to how much weight I've lost, and therefore look so much better, and carry myself better because I have some of my confidence back... I love it! Hopefully I'll get chance to update on the date before I jet off on Saturday. Can't wait for that either. Is my life actually going well for a change?! Good job I'm writing this on here - it's obviously a momentous occasion that needs documenting.

Here's to new jobs, new blokes and new happiness!!


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