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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Lonliness, jobs and cabbage.

Ok, so not so much lonliness, just that kind of empty feeling of knowing I'm alone again. I'm mostly ok with it, but I'm quite eager to just get back out there and start the whole man-hunt again. All that's stopping me really is money. I don't want to start dating someone when I can't afford to get a round in, or go halvesies, or whatever. It's not fair, and it's not who I am. Maybe it's a bit soon after Mr Tall, but then I finished with him, and I tbh I've been ready to finish with him since I broke up with him the first time round in June... I've not heard from him at all, which I kind of expected. I just hope he's ok.

As for the job, well my old boss got back in touch about the position I turned down last month. Apparently they (he) want me so badly that he basically asked me what my price is to move (within sensible reason). So verbally, it's all agreed at the salary I wanted/needed. I've obviously not said anything to my current manager or anyone at work yet. I won't until I have a signed contract and have a definate starting date. There's some things I'm really going to miss, like the girls in my office. We get on so well and have such a good laugh, it'll be hard leaving that behind. But then there's other ladies in other offices I'll be glad to see the back of. In fact I won't be sad to leave the company. It's a really poorly managed place. Don't get me wrong, I know fuck all about running a company, but when management can't even communicate between themselves let alone the rest of the staff, and continually spend money on unecessary projects and not invest money into getting in new business, something seems wrong. I guess there's still a chance this new job could fall through, which would be shit, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I won't be starting until at lesat mid-September anyways, so a lot of time to sort things out yet.

One thing I have decided, is that I want to move no matter what happens with the job. I hate this house, I hate Huddersfield, and I really fucking hate the shouty bitch next door who is still having her night-time rants down the phone at 'Andy'. I'm sick of it. Anyways. I want to move to an apartment. A nice, modern, high-rise-type place. Somewhere over towards Wakefield/Leeds way if possible. I'll be in the perfect place for better jobs then. I need to discuss it with mummy dearest. As she still owns this house, I can't do anything without her agreeing to it. Just hope I can talk her round.

As there's only two weeks left until my holiday (holy-mother-of-all-things-holy is it really only two weeks?!??!) I've decided I need to up my weight-loss game. I should have lost another 2lbs since last Friday. Instead, I've put 1lb on. Not the intended direction. So, I've decided I will try the stupid cabbage soup diet. No, it's not starving yourself and eating nothing but plain cabbage soup. There's actually a whole load more fruit and veggies involved, and you can eat as much soup as you want, so you can't starve! Well it's only a week-long thing, and I do like cabbage, so why the hell not. I headed off to Aldi after work and piled my trolley full of greenery. God knows what people thought I was doing - starting up my own greengrocers or something. But it cost only half the price of my usual shop when I buy all kinds of things (all healthy mind you). Just have to get it on tonight, and tomorrow is Day One. Hopefully I can get the soup tasting nice, otherwise I might realise this is a really bad idea. But hey, I don't know unless I try, right!


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