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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cabbage, cabbage, cabbage

I went shopping thursday night and bought all the ingredients from the shopping list for this diet, and set about cooking up my soup. It says to add celery and peppers, but as I don't like those, I just omitted them, so my soup ended up as veg stock with carrots, mushrooms, and of course, cabbage. I stuck a little cayenne pepper in it for some spice, and I was pleasently suprised at how nice it tasted! Maybe this won't be quite so bad as I thought!!

Day 1
I can have as much fruit and soup as I want today. Awesome.
Was looking forward to having my soup for lunch all morning. Until then, I snacked on half a pink grapefruit, and some red grapes. Lunch came and went, and the soup was just as nice re-heated. After that, I had the rest of my red grapes, and a pink lady apple. Dinner was much the same - leftover soup (damn, finished that whole pan already!) and another apple.
Suprisingly I don't actually feel hungry, although I could've swung for the ladies at work trying to decide whether to have fish & chips or Chinese for dinner tonight. Tempting as it was, I know this diet only lasts for 7 days. I can do that no problem. Bring on tomorrow!!

Day 2
So today is veg and soup day. No fruit allowed.
Breakfast was a difficult one - how can I have only veggies for brekkie? The thought of carrots didn't really appeal, so I had some saute mushrooms and tomatoes (although technically a fruit I know, but I couldn't eat just plain mushrooms, and the cherry toms were needing eaten). Lunch was a bit late, as I had no soup left, and when I finally got home with fresh veg and had the soup on, it was almost 4pm. This time I made it with the proper boillon rather than stock cubes. It was ok, but lacked a little of the veggie taste I had yesterday. Maybe I'll stick a stock cube in aswell for the remaining soup. I finally had my soup about 5ish, and I've just had my baked potato, as instructed. Damn that was good. Normally I love mash, but hate baked potato. Well, I don't hate baked potato, just the ridiculous amount of time it takes to bake them. Anyways, this one was well worth the wait. I've not had mash, or any type of potato in any form for a few months now. Yummy.

Day 3
Today is a mix of day 1 & 2. Fruit, veg, and soup.
Breakfast was half a grapefruit, some red grapes and a pink lady apple. I've decided that grapefruits are a pain to eat because of all the pithy bits in it. Still loving the grapes and apples though. Lunch was sauted mushrooms and leek. Wasn't as nice as I thought it would be, but hey it's only one day. Soup for dinner, along with some more grapes, and another apple later on. Still not feeling hungry doing this, or feel I'm having any cravings for anything. I did take a multi-vitamin this morning, just to make sure I had a top-up of anything I might be lacking. Almost half-way through already though!

Day 4
Nana-day - Up to 8 bananas and skim milk, and the soup of course. Well, I don't like skim milk, so I'm allowed to substitute it for non-fat plain yogurt instead. So brekkie was a couple of mashed bananas, with some low fat yogurt, cinamon and vanilla. Was really nice! Lunch and dinner was soup again, and pudding was the same as brekkie! Getting a little bored of the soup now, but it's still yummy. Looking forwards to my days of meat tomorrow!!

Day 5
Beef & toms. Up to 550g of beef and 6 tomotoes today. Along with the soup.
Totday didn't quite go as planned. From the moment I got to work everything started to go wrong, and my mood went downhill from the start. Feeling shit wasn't helping at all, and typical female hormones were making matters worse. I'd taken a couple of apples with me for breakfast/snacks, but I didn't want them. By dinner time I still wasn't hungry, so my soup (with added beef chunks this time) stayed in the fridge. When I finally got home I forced myself to eat some beef and tomato think I threw together with some lettuce. I finished it, but I didn't want it at all. Was supposed to go to Zumba, but couldn't face the thought of jumping and wiggling round for an hour. Will wiggle harder on Thursday to make up for it.

Day 6
Beef & Veg. As much beef/steak and veg I want, with some leafy greens.

Day 7
Today is brown rice and veg. This'll be interesting, as I can't cook rice unless it comes in a bag from Uncle Bens.


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