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Monday, January 21, 2008

Two's company....?

So we're sitting on the sofa last night, talking about random crap as usual, and the topic of living together comes up... Now, J has been practically living with me for the past couple of months anyway because of his heating situation, and cos I love having him around. It's been great, and there's not been a day yet when I've thought about asking him to go back to his for a day or two. I've really loved having him around. We hardly ever argue either. Sure we've had a couple of disagreements, but who doesn't? So why does the thought of moving in together permanently worry me? Maybe because if it all goes wrong he won't be able to simply go back to his own place.... I don't know. We've only been together just over 2 months... Maybe it's a bit soon? But then what does it really matter? He loves me, and I love him, and we're happy together. It's been working out fine with him living at mine so far...
Anyways, as my contract runs out in April, we've agreed to leave things as they are for now, until I know whether I can re-new my contract, or will have to find somewhere else. Then, either he'll move in with me, or we'll find somewhere together. So it's bound to be March when it happens I guess. Still, it's a big step. I haven't lived with anyone since Dai..... and look how that ended.... Well I certainly won't be making those mistakes again. Have learnt my lesson there.
Will just have to see how things go I guess. Try it and see....


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