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Friday, February 15, 2008

Bubbles & Birthdays

Well Valentines day has been and gone. Hope yours was as lovely as mine. J had the day off work, and as I'm working on 2pm-10pm shifts this week, we had the whole morning to snuggle in bed, and I even got a cup of tea and a pan-au-chocolat!! Lucky girl!! Not only that, but when I got home last night, he took me upstairs (not for that you naughty munkys!!) and had a hot bubble bath ready for me, complete with loads of candles!! Even with working, it was just a lovely day. I got a card, but no pressie. He is very skint though, and has promised to get me something on pay-day. No biggy - I don't need a pressie. The thoughts and gestures of brekkie in bed, and the bubble bath was enough. Yeah, I'm easily pleased lol. I've got him a pressie. Though, considering what it is, it's more 'our' pressie.... hehe. Shall I just say it's black & pink and very lacy... ;) Should be a good weekend....

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I know I've not really written for ages. I guess there's not much to say. Work is pants as always, love life is good, and nothing exciting is happening. Boring I know, but it's nice not to have any dramas for a change. I guess one bit of exciting news is that my Mum bought me some driving lessons for my birthday, so as soon as I get my provisional licence through, I'll be terrorising the roads in my area. Yeah I'm well excited, but also sh*tting myself... having been in 2 minor car accidents in my life, I don't have great faith in me being able to manovour a vehicle around without causing any damage or injury to anyone/thing... Eek... Well I'll let you know how things go when I start them.


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