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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What the...?!

Now, I'm not a big fan of wasps, but I can stand them enough to scoop them up with a glass and carefully placed piece of paper, and throw them in the direction of an open door/window.
However I think this mornings little incident may have left some emotional scars...
I'm working on the late shift this week, so I don't need to actually get out of bed until the latest of 12pm. Late, I know, but I work to 10pm, so my body-clock gets shifted forwards a few hours. Anyway. I pulled my jumper off the hanger and stuck my arms into it to put it on, and felt something inside the sleeve. So without thinking I stuck my hand back inside, picked it off and pulled it out. Big mistake. Upon removing my hand from the sleeve, and inspecting the little object that was stuck to the wooley fabric inside, it was a wasp... After throwing both it, and my jumper on the floor, I must've stood there for 5 minutes making 'argh... eeergh... urgh' noises, muttering more profanities than can be found on an episode of South Park. Anyways, after pulling myself togehter enough to pick up the crumpled heap on the floor which was my jumper, I looked at the wasp, knowing I'd have to move it. Then I realised it was still alive... The back end of it twitching as though it was thinking about flying up and coming after me... A few more internal shudders later I found a glass and the paper and scooped it up. I think this particular one had been on steroids or summin, it was huuuge... I still have to deal with it when I get home though, as the glass was put into my bath (obviously up-turned with said wasp inside). I didn't want to kill it, but I didn't want to let it out either, in case it came back for revenge. So, I left it there... Serves it right for invading my jumper...


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