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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No rest for the wicked

How better to spend a weekend than at work... *sigh*

Saturday night I was supposed to be going out for a works night on the town. Had been looking forward to it for the past month, as it's always a great laugh. I'd even invited A aswell (yeah, I wanted to show off the new bloke in my life). But now, I'm not going. I'm working both Saturday and Sunday, one day for overtime, and one day as my contracted shift. Also, as I'm on Anti-biotics right now, I can't drink, so I refuse to go out and drink coke all night whilst all around me are getting more and more hammered. So, choosing to work overtime on Saturday means I have the perfect excuse for not going out. I'm gutted really. Ahh well, guess the money will come in handy seeing as the council are screwing money out of me at the moment. They're charging me for a years worth of council tax, for a place I moved out of 4 years ago. Problem being that as for that year I stayed with friends/parents etc, I didn't have my name on any other council tax/bills/tenancy agreement, so am struggling to prove I didn't live there for the time they're screwing charging me for. The last/only hope I've got is National Insurance, as they'd surely have my address from the places I was working at the time. But, they haven't replied back yet... It's not as though I didn't put a 1st class stamp on the letter, or enclose a 1st class SAE, or put in the letter that a court case was pending n(slight exageration), so need an urgent reply... No, I never did that... Fuckers. Will be ringing them up tomorrow and shouting at them. Council peeps have already started taking 12% off my wages each month (though this month they've taken about 22% - do they not realise I need to afford to live?!), so they'll be getting a call aswell to see what they're playing at taking so much off me at once... Goddamit why is there always some fuck-up happening in my life. The minute I sort one out and another comes along. Was planning on paying off my over-draft this month, but due to the fuck-tards at the council I can't do that, which means my bank is gunna be eating more interest out of my already groaning balance.

Add all that to the fact that work is busier than a whore house in BOGOF season, and you've some idea to how mental my life is right now.



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